As a transpersonal psychology, psychosynthesis is concerned with the search for wholeness beyond the bounds of a person’s individuality. Central to the approach is an exploration of meaning, purpose, creativity, inspiration and values, whilst addressing a client’s suffering, pain and/or “pathology.”

The framework of psychosynthesis was designed by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli early in the 20th century. He dared to emphasize the Soul, man’s spiritual Being, by postulating that this was the source of psychological health. He maintained that the active evocation of potential was necessary for the treatment of neurosis and “pathology”.

My name is Jos Hensens, I am a 43 year old male and studied 4 years of psychosynthesis between1997 and 2001 in Amsterdam. After my graduation I followed one year of group supervision on working with clients and working with several techniques that are specific for psychosynthesis- counselling. Next to my job as a flight attendant for KLM I work freelance as a psychosynthesis- counsellor in my practice at home. I also work freelance as a trainer in archetypical psychology.

I prefer to work with my clients in the process, with a non-attachment to outcome, rather than working with specific goals, in order to allow them to (re)discover their own purpose in their own tempo and creating a safe relationship whilst working on the ‘obstacles’ along the Path. (This varies from several months to several years depending on the clients needs). During the sessions I work in the past, present and future and vice-versa.

The counseling relationship provides a container that holds an acceptance and understanding of both the dark and the light within the clients through which they can find continuity of Being.

Recognising and dealing with sub-personalities.
Reconnecting with body, feelings and mind, in order to create more balance between them.
Identification and dis-identification of the “I” as a coordinating centre.
Conscious working with the Will and the stages of the Will.
Guided Imagery and guided meditation.
Creative use of pain and failure.
Archetypical themes.
Analysis of the childhood and Lower Unconscious.
The Gestalt approach.

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